Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vroom Vroom Vaccuum

So I got a vacuum last week and finally took it out of the box today. It is a Dirt Devil cyclonic lightweight type. It was on sale at Target for $40 so I bought it (I previously only had a dirt devil one that had a long handle but also converted to a hand vac so not too powerful). This new one is loud, but powerful! Delaney did not like it, but they both followed me from room to room and helped. And I like my brush attachment that did all my dusting for me (minus smelly good polish) !!

-Rachel Bright
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  1. I LOVE buying new appliances! Great fun! Makes cleaning a little more exciting!

  2. My kids HATE the vacuum.(They probably wouldn't hate it as much if they were more used to it, if you know what I mean.) So they cry, but instead of running away from it, they still try to run to me. Right toward the vacuum. That makes NO sense, but it cracks me up!